I am a software engineer, certified Salesforce professional, and Salesforce MVP.  I work on projects that are built directly on the Force.com platform.  I enjoy working with all kinds of different technologies and just experimenting in general.  You can find out more about my professional experience from my LinkedIn profile, or my resume in pdf form.

When I’m not tinkering around, I enjoy reading (see my book list), running, and time with my family.  Everything I write on this site is my own and not representative of my employer or anyone else.

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If you are in the Lehigh Valley area check out the Lehigh Valley Salesforce Developer Group.

About this Site

This site is a collection of technical articles mostly about Salesforce and related technologies.  I like to experiment and tinker which fits in well in the tech world and especially with Salesforce technology since a new set of features is released every four months.  This blog is a place for me to record that tinkering in an organized way.

I have learned so much from other developers about Salesforce and the Force.com platform.  I hope that I will be able to continue to contribute to the greater Salesforce community here and help others by detailing my experiences.