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March SaaSness – Round 2

The results of the round of sixteen are in! There were some close ones. Vote for Round 2!

The results:

Parker Division

(W) Lightning Components vs. Lightning Process Builder (Lightning was bound to win this one!)

(W) Salesforce Connect vs. Lightning App Builder (Connect FTW!)

SaaSy Division

Sales Cloud vs. Service Cloud (W) (Folks love the Service Cloud!)

(W) Analytics Cloud vs. Community Cloud (tie! coinflip to Analytics Cloud!)

Benioff Division

(W) REST API vs. SOAP API (a complete shut out — no love for SOAP!)

Tooling API vs. Metadata API (W) (meta–wha–yeah! the upset!)

Astro Division

(W) Trailhead vs. Developer Forums (another complete shutout — Trailhead is awesome!) IDE vs. Developer Console (W) (Another coin flip match…Developer Console wins!)

Remember, the final two will be showcased in presentations at the meetup along with a vote to determine the champion, so head on over and vote for Round 2!

Parker Division
Benioff Division
March SaaSness
SaaSy Division
Astro Division


Take a couple of minutes and cast your vote for the second round in this form, come to the LVSFDG Meetup for the final, and keep watching for the next round of March SaaSness!

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