Lightning Basketball

March SaaSness

Soon the madness of March will be upon us, with brackets to fill out, Cinderella teams, sleeper picks, diaper dandies, sweet sixteens, and elite eights. At the Lehigh Valley Salesforce Developer Group (LVSFDG) we are celebrating with our own spin on the madness — March SaaSness!

We have put together a sweet sixteen bracket, pitting some of our favorite Salesforce technologies against each other en route to a final showdown at the March LVSFDG meetup. The tournament is divided into the Benioff, Parker, Saasy and Astro divisions. In the weeks leading up to the final, we will post the winners of each round.  The final two will be showcased in presentations at the meetup along with a vote to determine the champion.

Parker Division
Benioff Division
March SaaSness
SaaSy Division
Astro Division


Take a couple of minutes and cast your vote for the first round in this form, come to the LVSFDG Meetup for the final, and keep watching for the next round of March SaaSness!

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